The main activity of FruTech LLC is the management of intellectual property rights for plant varieties: introduction, production testing, state registration and licensing of new, promising varieties of fruit and berry crops in cooperation with leading scientific institutions and selection centers from different countries of the world.

High-quality planting material

In cooperation with the best domestic and foreign producers of planting material, we can offer high-quality certified seedlings of strawberries, seedlings of raspberries, blackberries and high-growing blueberries for commercial producers of berry crops, as well as highly healthy source material of high reproduction for professional domestic nurseries.

Technological support of projects

We provide full technological support and consulting support to our clients with the involvement of the best domestic and foreign specialists. Such support includes the development of technological maps, planning of the protection system, recommendations on fertilization and visits of a specialist to the field during the organization of important technological operations.

Комерційні пропозиції